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How Mediahuis delivers a true omnichannel content experience for Nostalgie

Play Nostalgie, the ultimate music channel for adults, is popular among listeners in both Flanders and French-speaking Belgium. Featuring a continuous stream of music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, along with contemporary classics, Nostalgie brings the classics to life. With a total reach of 1.4 million listeners in Flanders, Nostalgie captures the hearts of music enthusiasts.


Increasing engagement with an omnichannel approach

Mediahuis is one of the largest media organizations in the Benelux, owning a dozen of media outlets, including two leading radio stations: Nostalgie and NRJ. The ultimate goal for the organization is to turn these two radio stations into strong audio brands. To achieve this objective, both stations follow an omnichannel approach.

Radioshows, online content, offline events, live messaging, and social media are all deployed to build a durable connection with the target audience. One major challenge is centralizing all customer event data: with this, commercial campaigns and marketing efforts can be rolled out more efficiently. For this, Mediahuis hoped to find a headless CMS that could easily integrate with their existing platforms and publication schedule.


A future-proof content infrastructure

After a thorough analysis, Prepr came headfirst as CMS of choice. One of the main reasons for selecting our solution was that Mediahuis already made frequent use of “Prepr for Radio” – and all desired features were present, allowing Mediahuis to create a future-proof digital architecture and content infrastructure. With Prepr, Mediahuis was able to start working with one centralized content management system, allowing them to align their visions, streamlining the process of content management, and syncing this with the dominant radio schedules.

Together with selected partner Craftzing (for building a state-of-the-art websites and mobile apps), we realized a new website and app for both radio stations, with our headless CMS as their core.

In addition, our tool Prepr Capture brought the right solution for Mediahuis to centralize all customer event data with solid GDPR compliance. This tool allows registering all interactions customers have on touchpoints, and safely stores this data.


Storing event data and improving segments

By connecting Prepr as headless CMS and enabling Prepr Capture, Mediahuis now successfully registers customer event data such as interactions, messages, votes, and subscriptions. As a result, a more centralized and complete audience profile is built, something that allows the team to improve audience segmentation and marketing automation.

Before, Mediahuis published their content and stored their captured data on several locations, dispersing their entire workflow. The team now works from one centralized environment, syncing micro-segments with marketing automation, to deploying their efforts with a much more targeted approach.


Industry: Broadcast Media

Headquarters: Antwerp, Belgium

Numbers of users: 70+

Teams: Radio makers, In-house content & marketing team, Craftzing design & development


Mediahuis is one of the largest media organizations in the Benelux, covering print media, television, and radio, including Nostalgie and NRJ. To keep ahead of their competition, the radio stations deploy an omnichannel approach, embracing everything from offline events to social media content.


Centralizing workflows and marketing automation to improve omnichannel content experiences and improve user engagement.

Decisive factor

“Prepr offered us an all-in-one solution, a complete approach for all brands, with all the features that a best-of-breed headless CMS requires. Additional tools such as Prepr Capture made it much easier to implement the customer data event registration. This combination resulted in more synergy and also saved us a lot of time and costs.”

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