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How Leading Courses maintains a top-market position with inspirational content

Leading Courses is dedicated to assisting golfers in discovering and playing golf courses that suit their preferences while uncovering hidden gems in every country. As the largest community-driven booking platform in golf, Leading Courses boasts over 385,000 reviews from inspired golfers, attracting over 400,000 monthly visitors and providing the option to book tee times at numerous European golf courses.


Achieving ambitions through innovation

Leading Courses, the leading European booking and review platform for golfers, has high ambitions. They not only encourage members of the golfing community to share their experiences but also strive for all golfers worldwide to use their platform when looking for places to golf next.

To fulfill this ambition, Leading Courses wants to provide its audience with inspirational digital content, personalized where possible. But since all content is available in 7 languages, and Leading Courses offers a selection of 25.406 golf courses in 156 countries, offering personalized content is just as much a challenge as it is an opportunity. 

To successfully roll out this transformation, Leading Courses determined it was time to focus more on innovation. First up: implementing a modern, headless architecture and CMS.

When we were re-building the Leading Courses platform we were in search of a CMS to support our wish for a flexible infrastructure and a more personalized customer experience. Prepr offered the perfect solution with their data-driven headless CMS.

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Ruben van der Zaag
Head of Content at Leading Courses


Transforming outdated systems

Leading Courses wanted to transform their outdated content architecture to a flexible infrastructure, preferably modular with microservices and definitely headless. With this approach, the platform could streamline and centralize the existing content in the backend, and work from one centralized portal for all languages, allowing Leading Courses to maintain a leading position in the market.

After extensive market research, Leading Courses selected Prepr as its new headless CMS. Together with implementation partner Levarne, we worked on creating a modular architecture, in which our headless CMS is the core.

During the implementation, we provided technical support and advised on content strategy, data strategy, and technology. Through our feature ‘Content Integration’ We made it possible for Leading Courses to effortlessly connect their platform with external databases, increasing the amount of available content.


Content management: simplified and more efficient

As a result of our shared efforts, we set up a flexible, robust, and modern headless content architecture. Here, we integrated all content management practices, making content management simpler and more efficient.

As Prepr is 100% API-first, we made it possible for Leading Courses to integrate Prepr in their digital landscape and simply this. Now, instead of having separate platforms, Leading Courses uses one modular portal where content from all 9 languages is integrated. With this new platform, Leading Courses can present its content as a business-driver, offering the audience unique and inspiring content, tailored to their personal, online behavior.

This enables Leading Courses to maintain its leading position in the golf market, allowing them to achieve their goals.


Industry: eCommerce (Booking platform)

Headquarters: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Number of users: 10+

Teams: In-house content & UX Design team and Amsterdam Standard development


Leading Courses, founded in 2012, aims to help golfers find and play golf on courses around the world. It is Europe’s leading community platform by and for golfers – with currently over 400K monthly visitors and already more than 385K golf course reviews.


Make Leading Courses the most-used booking and review platform for golfers in Europe, preferably by offering personalized and relevant content to the audience.

Decisive factor

“Prepr had a clear vision on content management in a state-of-the-art digital landscape. As the solution itself is 100% API-first, it was easy to integrate it into the digital landscape and Prepr offered functionalities for content integrations with external databases – very valuable to us. Based on this, and their personal approach, swift communication, and ability to team up with our partners like Levarne, we made our decision.”

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