Driving conversion with a headless CMS

Digital agency Bikkelhart believes in designing and optimizing digital platforms by utilizing the best solutions available. For its client, Warmtefonds, this meant implementing a futureproof headless CMS with a built-in personalization engine.

The opportunity

Bikkelhart is a digital agency specialized in designing and optimizing online sales and service dialogues. This included building advanced digital platforms such as websites and applications. According to Bikkelhart, design and optimization are like yin and yang: you can’t do one without the other. So, when the Dutch national financing initiative Warmtefonds asked Bikkelhart to pitch a new website, the team first zoomed in on available data.

Yannick Haacke, Technology Director at Bikkelhart took the lead in learning more about Warmtefonds and its audience. He quickly learned that mainly sees two types of visitors: private persons and homeowner associations. Haacke: “Both audiences require different information and experience a different customer journey when applying for a long-term loan. Tailoring their individual experience could support their process in the best possible way, leading to more conversion and better results.

Prepr is an accessible and easy-to-use CMS

The CMS is clean looking and does not require any coding skills. We appreciate the automatization of changes and logically named models. Bikkelhart is satisfied by using Prepr CMS.'

Yannick Haacke
Technology Director at Bikkelhart

The challenge

To make this work, Bikkelhart decided they needed to redesign the Warmtefonds website and advise on implementing a new digital infrastructure. Their approach? Using a headless CMS as the platform’s core, with an additional personalization engine to tailor content experiences. Haacke: “A headless CMS allows us – and our clients – to manage all content in one location and deliver it to all possible frontends. For Warmtefonds, using a headless CMS means they only have to create content once, but they can use and reuse it in endless ways.”

In his search for the ideal headless CMS and personalization engine, Haacke soon learned about Prepr. Haacke: “I researched all the usual suspects regarding headless CMSs, but personalization always remained a challenge. When I discovered Prepr, I immediately realized this solution offered everything we needed. It’s a versatile and agile headless CMS –and it comes with a built-in personalization engine.”  

The solution

The existing Warmtefonds platform was built with WordPress CMS and continuing this workflow was the most obvious choice. Yet, Bikkelhart took a leap of faith. Haacke: “We knew the team was familiar and comfortable with WordPress as their CMS, but as a digital agency, it’s our responsibility to advise on a more future-proof solution. Prepr suited our plans perfectly.”

Warmtefonds shared Bikkelhart’s vision and agreed on implementing Prepr as their new and improved headless CMS. After instigating the new infrastructure, Warmtefonds’s Workstream Lead Website & Portals Andries Cupido introduced his team to working with Prepr. Cupido: “Working headless was completely new to the Warmtefonds team, but Prepr is a very lean and intuitive system. Although we were used to working with WordPress, we have quickly found our way with Prepr. It’s accommodated with tailored filters and shortcuts to help us manage content in the best possible way.”

Clean looking CMS and does not require any coding skills.

Prepr is an accessible and easy-to-use CMS. The CMS is clean looking and does not require any coding skills. We appreciate the automatization of changes and logically named models. Bikkelhart is satisfied by using Prepr CMS.'

Andries Cupido
Workstream Lead Website & Portals at Warmtefonds

The Result

Both Bikkelhart and Warmtefonds are positive about using Prepr. Both Cupido and Haacke mention the level of support offered by Prepr’s development team and the workflow improvements gained by using Prepr. Currently, Warmtefonds’s focus is managing content for the entire platform, but all preparations for personalization have been made. It will help Warmtefonds drive conversion, moving homeowners and homeowner associations from prospects to clients.

Cupido: “It’s one of the reasons we chose Bikkelhart and Prepr. When we decided we needed a new platform, we wanted something future-proof. Something that could help us transition from solely managing content to improving our customer experiences. We’re currently in the managing phase, but we want to start with personalization and optimization as soon as possible. I hope to be up and running at the end of this year. With Prepr, we have everything in place to get going.” 


Agency client: Warmtefonds

Numbers of users: 11


Bikkelhart (part of 4NG) is an Amsterdam-based digital agency specializing in designing, optimizing, and developing online sales and service dialogues.


Customers want to be in touch with companies at all times, across all channels and devices. Businesses that best facilitate, measure, analyze, and optimize this process will ultimately win the online competition. 

Decisive factor

For their client Warmtefonds, Bikkelhart designed and developed a brand-new website with Prepr as its engine. This way, Warmtefonds has all the tools needed to optimize and personalize its digital platform in a future-proof and reliable manner.

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