How a.s.r. Promotes Healthy Habits Using Technology

a.s.r. is a Dutch insurance company dedicated to promoting healthy living among its members. One of their initiatives is the a.s.r. Vitality cycling app, which monitors members' daily bike rides and rewards them with gift vouchers or discounts on their health insurance.


Existing activity tracking apps, like Strava, often miss recording many daily rides due to their reliance on manual activation. To address this, a.s.r. developed the ASR Vitality cycling app, which aimed for accurate tracking of all bike rides without user intervention.

During its development, a.s.r. faced obstacles. A significant concern was to ensure the app could track bike rides accurately without needing manual activation. Unlike other apps, ASR Vitality had to be able to automatically detect bike rides to record all activity.

Producing a seamless user experience was another area of focus. The app needed to be intuitive, easy to navigate, and provide comprehensive health and fitness information. This demanded the design of a clean, customizable interface that could cater to individual users' needs.


To tackle this obstacle, a.s.r. collaborated with Mobidot, a Dutch tech firm, to develop a bespoke solution. The a.s.r. Vitality cycling app leverages standard location data sharing on Apple and Android devices to track members' distances. However, it goes further by incorporating additional metrics, such as the gyroscope data from users' phones, to detect cycling activity accurately. This ensures that all bike rides, including short trips to the store, are automatically logged.

Furthermore, the app seamlessly integrates with Notificare, a platform for sending push notifications to users if synchronization fails. It also includes a Prepr integration for handling frequently asked questions. Providing editors a user-friendly interface to manage FAQ content. Users can easily add, edit, and organize questions and answers within the platform.

Notably, the app operates independently, eliminating the need for Fitbit or other wearables, thus widening its accessibility to a broader audience.


The a.s.r. Vitality cycling app has proven highly effective in motivating members to increase their cycling activity and embrace healthier lifestyles. Users have praised its user-friendly interface and the seamless tracking of all bike rides, regardless of their duration. By promoting healthy habits, a.s.r. not only enhances the well-being of its members but also contributes to long-term healthcare cost reduction.

If one would like to download the app, it can be done by following the link: Android & iOS


  • The ASR Vitality Cycling App utilizes automatic movement recognition technology to accurately track and measure users’ cycling activity, including speed, distance, and duration.
  • Users are incentivized for their cycling activity through Vitality Points, which can be redeemed for discounts on various health and wellness products and services.
  • Since its launch, the app has contributed to a 25% increase in cycling activity among ASR Vitality members. Additionally, it promotes physical activity and healthy habits while also reducing carbon emissions by encouraging cycling over driving.
  • Feedback from users has been overwhelmingly positive, with many highlighting the rewards system and ease of use as significant benefits.
  • The success of the app has resulted in increased engagement and loyalty among ASR Vitality members and has garnered recognition from industry experts, including a nomination for the Dutch Interactive Awards.
  • In terms of usage statistics, the app has attracted a total of 14,137 users, with 1,921,283 rides completed, averaging 47 rides per person.


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