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Citymarketer amsterdam&partners wanted to improve its customer journey by using AI and creating personalized content experiences. Together, we succeeded.

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The challenge

Transforming the complex digital landscape

As a company focused on city marketing, amsterdam&partners contributes to livability, prosperity, and popularity of the Amsterdam region. To continuously build a better reputation and successfully guide visitors and sightseers, amsterdam&partners relies on two main digital channels: their website and the City Card application.

However, the content offered at and the City Card app used to be very generic. As a result, tourists and sightseers usually decide to visit the most prominent sights that Amsterdam offers. By presenting them with personalized content, amsterdam&partners hoped to streamline visitor management, guiding visitors to less popular locations. Meanwhile, amsterdam&partners also offers a better digital experience with more relevant content.

But creating an optimized customer journey with a personalized content experience was a big challenge. amsterdam&partners’ digital landscape was complex and inflexible, preventing the organization from innovating and improving frontends.

The solution

Innovating and improving frontends with Prepr

amsterdam&partners desired to stimulate innovation and flexibility, making personalized content possible. For this, the organization put together a digital team, with a mission to renew and simplify the digital landscape by implementing a headless content management architecture.

After a thorough investigation and dedicated pilots, amsterdam&partners selected Prepr as their preferred headless CMS. After a design sprint, the team at amsterdam&partners linked the Prepr API to a newly developed platform, entirely focused on personalized content. The goal? Offering audiences a seamless user experience.


“Our goals when working with Prepr? A better customer journey and smart guidance of visitors in the Amsterdam region. Preferably with innovative AI and user data. Thanks to the great co-production with Prepr and external partners, we have definitely achieved this goal.”

The result

Two channels build with consultation and collaboration

The platform, Your Personal Guide, now offers personalized content for tourists who think about visiting Amsterdam. Based on the chosen timeframe, personal interests, and digital interactions, users receive a personalized offer for the Amsterdam Region, an approach that balances the number of visitors at major sights.

Aside from Your Personal Guide, amsterdam&partners also successfully rolled out the new CityCard App, offering more personalized offers based on current transactions, weather forecasts, and real-time crowd data. Both channels are fully developed with the Prepr API and are the result of comprehensive consultation and collaboration. This all helps streamline visitors at popular sights in and around Amsterdam, one of the main challenges for amsterdam&partners.


City Marketing Organization

City Marketing
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
amsterdam&partners is a city marketing organization, focused on making Amsterdam a better place to live, work, and recreate. To portray the city, the organization deploys several touchpoints, including magazines, visitor centers, digital channels, and local events.
Contributing to the liveability, prosperity, and popularity of the Amsterdam metropole. Not only for tourists and sightseers but also for business and current inhabitants.


The who and what

In-house Marketing & Content teams, Hike One Concept & Design, Axendo Development
Number of users
Used technology and tools
Prepr Publish, Prepr Capture, Prepr Recommend
Decisive factor
“We wanted to be able to work independently from the implemented solution, that was a big plus. But also the excelling communication skills: offered support was outstanding.”

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