The 3 Essential Pillars for Digital Experience Optimization [Infographic]

When you want to deliver excellent digital experiences, there’s no quick fix. People, workflows and systems need to be finely tuned to achieve great results. This infographic explains these three elements, their connection, and why the absence of one of them would be a significant omission.


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Three pillars for successful digital teams

Digital teams optimize user experiences to grow engagement. More engagement creates more value and increases conversions.

Multi-disciplinary team

A dedicated team of content editors, developers, marketers and UX specialists that work together as one to deliver great user experiences.

  • Multi-disciplinary: Build multi-skilled teams with content editors, UX specialists, marketers and developers. Multi-disciplinary teams feel more responsible and focus on the end-user.
  • User centered: Focus on developing great user experiences with engaging content. Then find ways to deliver these experiences across different touchpoints and devices. Content first, channel second.
  • Data-driven: Cultivate a learning mindset. Say goodbye to big-bang releases and start making small improvements continuously. And don’t forget ABCD: Always Be Collecting Data!
Symptoms your organization is not optimal: People work in silo’s, optimization is a project.

Agile process

An iterative process that supports short innovation cycles and focusses on data-driven learning.

1. Create2. Promote → 3. Interact 4. Measure → 5. Learn

Symptoms your process is not optimal: No KPIs, no documented workflow, no iterations, no retrospectives or evaluations

Digital experience platform

A centralized tech platform that enables consistent and personalized experiences across multiple devices.

  • Centralize content: Collect articles, images and videos in one location.
  • Centralize interaction data: Capture on and offline interactions to learn how visitors engage with your content.
  • Centralize customer data: Centralize user data from your crm, marketing automation and spreadsheets to comply with privacy regulations and deliver a trustworthy experience.
  • Personalize user experiences: Unify content and data to deliver personalized experiences, create segments for your marketing tools and deliver targetted recommendations.
Symptoms your tech platform is not optimal: Scattered content, scattered data, complex development projects. 

Also check out the infographic about the headless cms of the future.

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