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Introducing Targeted Content personalization

New in Prepr

This month we have a stunning update for you. We're introducing a long-awaited feature that many clients have requested: personalized content targeting. So let's dive in right away and see how it works.

Deliver targeted content for each visitor

Content targeting allows you to deliver targeted content to segments that you have created with the segment builder. You select a specific segment to which you want to provide content, and you choose the content you wish to deliver to your visitors. This way, you can display customized content to different customer segments and increase engagement and conversions. Here is an example.


An anonymous visitor visits a generic home page and is interested in UX design. Notice the generic home page header promoting Prepr merchandise.

Now, the visitor heads over to the blog and reads some articles in the 'UX Design' category.

The person heads back to the home page, and boom: The visitor gets to see a personalized and targeted content banner that offers 50% off all UX design books and courses.

Yes, it's that easy to deliver personalized experiences to your visitors with Prepr CMS.

How it works

1. Customer data is captured

While the visitor was interacting with the blog pages on your website, Prepr was capturing customer data. As you can see, the anonymous visitor has interacted with two pages on January 26th at 15:01.

2. Customer added to matching segment

The visitor is placed in the 'UX Design lovers' segment because of the interaction with one of the content items (blogs or products) belonging to the 'UX Design' category. You can easily set up precise segments with the segment builder.

3. Personalized content is shown

When a visitor is placed in the 'UX Design lovers' segment, a piece of handpicked content is chosen to show to the customer when he returns to the home page. That’s it!

With content targeting, you can quickly deliver exceptional and personalized experiences in no time. And not only for headers but for all kinds of components on your website, like call-to-actions, banners, “Made-for-you” sections, and other elements.

Want to learn how personalization with a headless CMS can increase your results? Check out the website or contact us for a quick demo.