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Releasing new Next.JS, PHP and Laravel SDKs

New in Prepr

This month we're introducing some brand new Software Development Kits (SDKs). Oh and also, we've got a new publication element tool for you.

New SDKs

We are excited to release three new and improved SDKs. These SDKs simplify the communication between any application and the Prepr API. This allows you to develop faster with Prepr. The following SDKs are new:

Custom publication elements

Custom publication elements have been available for a long time in Prepr as a way to define your elements in the drag-and-drop editor. And now, these custom elements can also be used as a standard field in a content model. This allows you to define your content models even better, gives you more control over validation, and lets you retrieve data in a more structured way through the API.

Custom publication elements can now be re-used as fields in your content models.

A custom publication element for an image with a caption and resource fields.