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Prepr Talks #1: Tech-platform Disguise, the Metaverse and the future of content marketing

Conversion Optimization

Welcome to the first episode of Prepr Talks. In this interview series, we're sitting down with thought leaders in content marketing, optimization, and personalization. We talk about their challenges and how they solve them with unique content experiences.

In our first-ever interview, our guest is Joni Lindes, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Disguise. Disguise is a technology platform for technologists and creators who want to visually tell their story. Disguise offers hardware, software, training, and production support.

What can Joni teach us about content marketing, and what are the key takeaways in her story? 

Key learnings and takeaways

  • As marketers of Disguise in terms of content, there has to be something for everyone as their target audience is very broad
  • Disguise has amazing use cases all over the world, but because of its futuristic technology, their product needs a lot of explanation. Therefore, the target audience has to be educated extensively before making a decision. 
  • Joni believes the metaverse will be the next generation of experience for companies such as Disguise. The metaverse will touch every level of experience we can ultimately have. For Disguise, but also for companies alike, the metaverse is a huge opportunity to start leading on the education side when it comes to the metaverse.
  • Disguise works extremely data-driven when it comes to content marketing. Every piece of content is tracked with links and contributes to making data-driven decisions.
  • Disguise personalizes the customer experience for email marketing, localization, and specific verticals. This is how they tailor content to meet the specific needs of a particular customer.
  • Joni believes that the future of content marketing will become more data-driven and that the metaverse will be a huge opportunity for everyone as a three-dimensional touchpoint. 
  • Joni has 3 content marketing tips:
    • Be collaborative. Your next content idea can be anywhere around you. 
    • Use data wisely. Data is important to decide what your next marketing move is going to be. 
    • Have fun and be creative. Just do it and see what happens!