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Prepr Talks #3: Terberg’s mobility transition, lead-gen strategy, future, tips, and tricks

Conversion Optimization

What can automotive companies teach us about content marketing, optimization, and personalization? In this episode of our interview series Prepr Talks, we're sitting down with Duncan Buisman: business owner at Terberg Business Mobility. What can Duncan tell us about lead generation for his business and how does this translate to lead generation for other companies?

About Terberg Business Mobility

Terberg Business Mobility is an automotive leasing company in The Netherlands. Here, Duncan is responsible for developing new products and services. In his role, Duncan translates the needs and challenges of Terbergs clients to the marketing team so that they can create content and generate new leads. His current mission? Evolving the company into a mobility service provider. And that’s also where lead generation comes in. 

Key learnings and takeaways

  • Terberg targets companies in the SME sector. They usually try to contact a car park manager of a potential customer: their leads are therefore present 
  • Terberg is currently developing new mobility products, particularly focused on the mobility policy. Because policy is where it all starts. 
  • In Terberg’s lead generation strategy, three pillars are essential: pricing, different categories in vehicles, and advice. 
  • Terberg’s website is their main channel for lead generation. The second most important channels for Terberg are LinkedIn and Google. Partnerships are also an important way of gaining new customers. But if you ask Duncan, digital marketing is the way to go. 
  • Duncan’s pro-tips for lead generation:
    • Be consistent. Don’t give up and keep going. Period.
    • The customer journey in B2B starts with lead-gen, sure. But is important to have a well-structured follow-up program afterward. Without a decent follow-up, converting leads to clients will fall behind. Make sure that when you are in contact with a potential customer, you already know what your next step or move will be. It helps you keep focus.