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Prepr Talks #2: Creative ad-platform Bannerwise, lead-gen & onboarding for SaaS companies

Conversion Optimization

What are the latest trends in content marketing, optimization, and personalization? In this episode of our interview series Prepr Talks, we're sitting down with Joost Kortlever: founder of creative management platform Bannerwise. What can Joost tell us about lead generation and onboarding clients as a SaaS company?

About Bannerwise

Joost Kortlever is the co-founder of Bannerwise. Bannerwise is a creative management platform that enables marketers and agencies to create all types of digital ads. Bannerwise is a Dutch startup with an international focus, currently in a booming growth phase. 

Key learnings and takeaways

  • Bannerwise generates leads by offering different contact forms and a free trial option. They qualify every lead bases on buying intent and so-called quality. This helps Bannerwise streamline their sales process and eventually turn visitors into clients.
  • The ideal journey for Bannerwise is when leads convert to clients through an independent onboarding experience, but how the customer journey takes place depends on the use case. Sometimes potential customers need a little more support.
  • Sometimes Bannerwise goes the extra mile when trying to get in touch with their desired audience. For instance, their designers completely rebuild the ads of their prospective client and retarget them with their own - improved - ads. A little attention goes a long way! 
  • As a creative management platform that allows marketers to build digital ads, competition is fierce. To keep ahead of their business competitors, Bannerwise just launched a new website with new messaging and a different content strategy. As a SaaS company and startup, you always have to keep moving.
  • Joost has a pro-tip for every SaaS company trying to gain leads. His advice? Spend time on drafting a good content strategy before you start creating content. “A lot of SaaS companies don’t have a strategy in terms of distribution or campaigns. Creating content can be expensive. First, spend time on a strategy.” It helps you save money in the long run.