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Prepr Social Event – Spending the day outdoors

About Prepr

Every once in a while we step away from our desks and spend the day together. This is for several reasons, but most importantly we strive to make everyone enjoy their time here. We must function and operate with open and clear communication combined with a positive working environment. The days we spend away from our desk consists of doing activities to create an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. We find unique ways to create this opportunity. We’ve had a day like this last week, and this is somewhat how it looked like:

This time we started with a fun outdoor activity, canoeing. We were very fortunate given the weather circumstances since it was a beautiful sunny day. Once we had gathered, we created separate teams for this activity. We rowed and navigated our way to some small beaches where we did all kinds of team-building games, whilst still being in teams. 

With the team building, the teams needed to work together, given the activities were both mentally and physically challenging. To paint a picture: there was a building exercise where each team had to build a construction of five poles with ropes, that would hold three team members for more than ten seconds. Well… it’s safe to say that the team with the experienced scouting club members won. Afterward, those with common knowledge had the time to shine, there was a quiz waiting for them on a different island. 

After getting back from canoeing, we changed locations for the company meeting. Everyone got updated on the growth and development of the company. Since we’ve gotten bigger since the last time we went out, we also played some games to get to know each other even more. We believe it is vital to create a positive work environment, where we introduce our new crew and therefore, have a better understanding and improve communication within the company. 

After the serious stuff, we went back for our last activity of the day: an Island Escape Game. Separated in teams the battle began. The team who solved the quests first would be able to blow the tower's horn and lower the bridge to safely escape the Island. We all enjoyed this game, it was great to see everyone working together, doing what they were best at. Helping each other solve what seemed like impossible quests, getting one step closer to winning!

We ended the day with a nice dinner outside, enjoying each and every one’s company and talking about everything that happened that day. As we mentioned before, it’s important to us that everyone who works at Prepr feels like they’re a part of the team and that everyone gets along and enjoys working at Prepr. After the day had ended one of our newest team members sent a message to our group chat saying that he already felt at home at Prepr. We tried to make everyone feel welcome, and given the positive reactions, we succeeded!