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Prepr Headquarters

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Ever wondered where Prepr is located? After numerous years of moving around, Prepr finally found its place. Our headquarters is located in the Netherlands, in Utrecht to be more precise. If you are wondering why we choose this as our home base, read more.

Prepr’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands, also known as one of the most innovative countries in the world. The Netherlands is the country for innovation, renewal, development and forward-thinking startups. Various multinationals are located in the Netherlands, such as Philips, Heineken, Booking.com, and KLM. All these companies were not only founded by the Dutch but made the decision to keep their headquarters here. 

The Dutch working environment is also known as open, multicultural, honest and business-focused. This gives businesses the opportunity to thrive. This is also the case for Prepr, founded by our Dutchie Tim Hanssen and located in the Netherlands.

You can find Prepr’s headquarters in the middle of the Netherlands, in the heart of the city Utrecht. Right next to ‘Utrecht Centraal’; the train station. The biggest reason we chose this location was because of the accessibility. Our employees are spread all over the Netherlands, so it is crucial that we’re very easily reachable, and to somewhat cut everyone’s travel time to the office.

Utrecht has almost 40,000 companies, over 120 innovative startups, and 262.000 jobs and is good for no less than 216.000 train passengers per day. It felt like the perfect location for Prepr. Being in the city of Utrecht is just a great bonus, we truly enjoy this location because Utrecht really embodies genuine 'Gezelligheid'. Gezellig is a word that encompasses the heart of Dutch culture. Its meaning includes everything from cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious. Which describes Utrecht in a nutshell. 

Now, let's dive in deeper. We’re located inside the Jaarbeurs building, The Jaarbeurs was founded in 1916 in the office of the mayor of Utrecht. As a response to the economic crisis after the First World War. The Jaarbeurs was built to provide a new impulse for Dutch trade-industry. The building has a lot of history, and it has grown into one of the most iconic and forward-thinking locations in Utrecht. We are part of the Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile (JIM). The JIM is the home of various established corporations, from serious scale-ups to innovative governments and from startups to educational institutions. Due to the variety of companies, we found that this was a great place for a startup company like Prepr to set its roots.

Our office is located on the second floor. It is a spacious office, surrounded by massive windows overlooking the city. When you look outside, you will see people passing by, skating in the park, or on the move trying to catch the train. It is a constant change of view, which can be inspiring. 

If you want, you can start your day with a coffee and overlook the energetic city of Utrecht. Everyday we eat lunch which is provided by the company. Since we have a lot of vegetarians amongst us, Prepr provides lots of vegetarian (and even vegan) lunch options. We find that a working environment matters. The country, the city, the building, even the coffee, it goes into play on how we feel about our work. We experience our office to be inspiring, open, and pleasant. That is why we choose our location.