NPO selects Prepr as content production platform for all radio stations

The Dutch national public broadcasting organization NPO chooses Prepr as the content management platform for all radio stations. Prepr simplifies the preparation and broadcasting of radio programs, the processing of responses from listeners and the publication of clips on websites, in the app and via social media. With this, Prepr supports the content first strategy of the NPO and strengthens the involvement of listeners. NPO puts Prepr into operation in the coming months.

The radio market changes rapidly. Listening behavior changes due to the rise of social media, music services such as Spotify and the popularity of YouTube. Also, there are more and more ways to listen to the radio. Live, via podcasts or by fragments on websites, in the app and on social media. And soon also via smart speakers such as from Amazon and Google. Besides, listeners have more and more ways to respond via apps and social media. To manage all this content well, the NPO is looking for a new content management platform. After careful analysis, the NPO chooses Prepr.

Prepr is an innovative content management platform for radio stations. Prepr helps radio stations prepare and broadcast radio shows. Also, you can manage listener reactions efficiently. Editors can publish excerpts of broadcasts directly on websites, in apps and via social media. Prepr makes it possible for radio stations to respond directly to the rapidly changing media landscape and the behavior of listeners. Also, Prepr facilitates further cooperation between the NPO, broadcasting associations and regional broadcasters.

Prepr is developed in collaboration with 538 and used by all Talpa Radio stations (538, Sky Radio, Veronica and Radio 10), the Talpa Radio news service, various regional radio stations and national radio stations in Belgium and Sweden.

In the months ahead, Prepr trains the NPO program staff and puts the system into operation.

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