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New segment options for more personalized content experiences

New in Prepr

This month, we have some refreshing updates for Prepr CMS. First and foremost we have upgraded the segment builder to create better segments, we announce that AB-testing is available for GraphQL API, and we release the new dynamic content editor for all customers. Let's dive in and see what this means for you and your team.

(1) More detailed segments with the upgraded segment builder

What is the segment builder?
Segments are groups of customers based on one or more common characteristics. You can use segments for engagement analysis, personalizing your content, and sending notifications. Segments can be created based on a variety of personal details, events, and engagement score.

With the previous update, a few segmentation options were added. For example, an option called 'content item with tag'. This allows you to create segments of people that interacted with a content item with one or more specific tags.

What's new?
With the new update to the segment builder, more powerful options are added so you can create more specific and highly personalized segment groups. The new options to filter on are browser type, operating system, referrer, number of sessions, and several UTM codes.

UTM-codes explained
A UTM code is a simple addition to the URL you want to direct visitors to and consists of five different parameters. These make it clear for your metrics from which source, medium, campaign, (search) term, and/or content the visitor traffic on your page comes from. And now you can also segment your customers in Prepr based on UTM-tags.

Cool examples
Here are some examples of options, you can use to deliver personalized content in your front-ends:

  • 'UTM campaign' to filter on a certain marketing campaign. For example a link from a newsletter.
  • 'Number of sessions'. For example to select retaining customers.

(2) AB-testing available for GraphQL API

The next exciting update for this month is that our AB-testing feature just launched in the GraphQL API. Formerly, AB-testing was only available in the REST API. Do you want to improve the engagement of your content? AB-test your way into success.
Read the docs

(3) Dynamic content editor fully released!

This month we launch our new dynamic content editor for all customers. The new editor feels more intuitive, is faster, and easier to use. Do you want to know all the details and why we replaced the editor?
This is why

(4) 'Publications' are now called 'Content items'

Last but not least, we changed the name of 'Publications' to 'Content items'. We have done this to avoid confusion. Sometimes publications were confused with the model rather than the content item of a model. In addition, we also changed 'publication link' to 'content reference' for the same reason.