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New: Role-based access control

New in Prepr

The use of role-based access control (RBAC) to manage user permissions within an application is widely accepted as a best practice. The new access control in Prepr helps you manage user rights more efficiently.

What has changed

We've added roles and rights to make it easier to manage access for large numbers of users. These are the most important new features:

  • Rights are granted to a role
  • Users can have one or multiple roles
  • Users can have different roles and rights in every environment
  • When you have more environments, users can be managed at the group level
  • User accounts can have an expiration date

What you should do

We've transferred the old permissions to the new role-based access control. The new privileges are precisely the same as before, except users are now part of a legacy role.

January 1st, 2020, these legacy roles will be deprecated and changed to new roles that better reflect the current structure of Prepr. We strongly recommend you check the new access control settings to make sure everything is still set as you wish.

Need help?

Check the docs for more information about the new role-based access control. Do you want to talk to someone for more information? Please contact our support team.