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Introducing the new upgraded segment builder

New in Prepr

Here are some exciting updates to Prepr CMS. First, we upgraded the segment builder. Secondly, we added a content item filter feature. And lastly, we create a small but powerful add-on for content item search. Let's dive in and see what that means for you and your team.

Create more accurate segments with new filter options

Segments in Prepr are groups of customers based on one or more common characteristics. You can use segments for engagement analysis, personalizing your content, and sending notifications. Segments can be created based on a variety of personal details, events, and engagement score.

Previously, you could only filter people that viewed a specific content item or any content item, which resulted in way too many results or no results at all.  This month, the development team added a new segmentation option called 'Content item with tag'. This allows you to create segments of people that interacted with a content item with one or more specific tags. For example, you can create segments based on your visitors interests like 'sports' or 'business' or 'Alaska'. Just create a segment with all the people that viewed a content item with that tag.

New: Work faster with saved content item filters

The development team developed a handy new feature when working with content items: saved content item filters. You can now easily save filters to quickly find the right content items. These filters are available to you and everyone who has access to the same environment. 

Scoped search for content items

If you're looking for a specific content item with the search bar, you might get a lot of search results when you have a lot of content items. With scoped search, you can now narrow your search results by searching within title, slug, or id fields only.