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Introducing Prepr Notify: Instant notifications to increase retention

New in Prepr

The new year starts with some exciting updates. We're proud to announce the first release of Prepr Notify, a new tool that lets you send notifications to subscribers about the content they love the most. And this update also includes new SDKs, image size presets, and more.

Increase retention with Prepr Notify

Are you looking to maximize the impact of your content? Time spent with your content and user retention are crucial. For this, Prepr now contains an actionable notification tool, allowing you to segment your audience and send smart, personalized notifications via email or notification services. 
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Getting started with Nuxt.js, Vue or Laravel

Connecting your frontend application with Prepr is now even more straightforward. With SDKs and Getting Started Guides for popular frameworks like Nuxt.js, Vue, and Laravel, to get you up and running in no time. And we have more frameworks coming soon.
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Use image size presets for the perfect picture in every situation

Editing images for the web can be a time-consuming and tedious task. That's why we introduce image presets that let you define one or more presets for image dimensions. For example, to use an image as a large header, a small thumbnail, and maybe even a square variant. You can now define these presets and use them on every image in your publications. Cropping to the perfect picture has never been easier.

In-app notifications

When you work together on publications with co-workers, you want to notify them about updates. The commenting feature lets you do just that. And now, you will get not only an email but also an in-app notification at the top of the screen.  This way, you can communicate even faster and get your work done sooner.​​​​

Improved model settings

With the all-new model settings page, making your (publication) model becomes a breeze. You now get a streamlined experience that guides you quickly and effortlessly through all the settings. And we added some new options as well!