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Increase listener engagement with cross-channel polls

New in Prepr

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Polls are now available in Prepr. Publish polls easily on air, on your website, and in your app. And have listeners vote any way they want: in the app, via text message, on your site or whatever other channels you are offering.

Engage listeners
Getting listeners engaged with your station and content is crucial. An easy way to get listeners involved is by letting them vote. Listeners can voice their opinion and provide great user-generated content. Whether it's a serious poll for a news station, a human interest poll for the morning show, or a survey to find out if you should add a song to the playlist ("Hot or not?"). A poll is a great way to increase listener involvement.

How does it work?
Prepr now offers a new Polls feature in the On Air timeline. Creating a poll is as simple as inputting the central question and the answer options. Add some artwork and media if needed and publish with just one click. The poll can automatically be published in your app and on your website via our API.

All votes count
Listeners can vote for the poll through any channel they want. In the app, on your website, via text message or even via social media. Prepr automatically recognizes poll votes and starts counting. The results update in real time in the Prepr timeline so that the DJ can follow progress easily. And when you close the poll, the results are instantly published in your app and on your website.

Increase listener interaction today
Talk to your Prepr contact or request a demo to learn more about polls.