50 channels for information and inspiration

We asked our team to which channels they turn to for information, inspiration, news and entertainment. We’ve gathered 50 links that go from podcasts to blogs and from YouTube videos to extensive reports. We tried to cover as many topics as possible; tech news, marketing, design, inspiration and entertainment.

In an ever-growing digital world where there is an overflow of information it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Especially in the tech-world, where everyone knows best. We check our socials almost daily, for information, entertainment, or even inspiration. Why not foresee our updates which information we find useful? For example, the marketeers listen to podcasts about how to make the most of marketing, the developers like to read certain Twitter threads. We share this information with each other when we find it useful, so why not share it with you?

Marketing & Social Media

Information & News



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