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Prepr Bulletin Manager: Collaborative news production for multiple radio stations

"How can we manage newscasts for all our radio stations with limited resources while maintaining station identity?" That is the primary challenge of the Talpa Radio News Team. Prepr News enables news teams to prepare news bulletins with lightning speed for lots of radio stations at once while maintaining a station specific sound.

Producing up-to-the-minute newscasts for multiple stations at the same time can be complicated. You have to work fast and want to maintain a high standard at the same time. Also, you want to differentiate between stations to tailor bulletins to the identity of the radio station. Prepr News enables teams to collaborate efficiently on news stories and compile newscasts on the fly.

Talpa Radio already uses Prepr News. Their news team produces newscasts for all leading commercial radio stations in The Netherlands: Radio 538, Sky Radio, Veronica & Radio 10. We developed Prepr News in close cooperation with Bart Jan Cune, the head of Talpa News, and his team.

“Prepr helps us deliver tailored news casts for all our stations easily” - Bart Jan Cune, Head of Talpa Radio News

Prepr News helps teams:

  • Monitor news stories and social media
  • Collaborate on news items
  • Compile station specific newscasts
  • Deliver newscasts

Monitor news stories and social media
With Prepr News you can monitor hundreds of news feeds. Monitor news agencies, RSS feeds and social media on one screen. Check the source of the news and import with just one click to start your news item. And since news stories often emerge on social media nowadays, you can monitor Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts of top influencers as well (@realDonaldTrump ;-).

Collaborate on news items
Work together with your team on emerging stories and maintain high-quality standards with the easy to use draft-review-reviewed workflow. Prepr News updates in real time. So changes made by one team member are instantly visible to all team members. Easily track how items and newscasts are coming together and always know what everybody is working on. Have some last minute changes? No problem!

Compile station specific newscasts
Compiling news bulletins for multiple stations is as easy as dragging and dropping items. With just one click select the station of your choice and drag and drop the items in place. Want some more Formula 1 on you male-oriented station? Drag it in. Want a different tone on your hit radio station? Make some changes to the text while maintaining the original story.

Deliver with confidence
And when it's time to deliver you can read the news the way you want. Read the bulletin from the screen with just the right text size and line height. Or print it and read from paper.

Prepr News is now available for free to all Prepr subscribers. Do you want to learn more about Prepr News? Contact our consultants or request a demo.