"I Amsterdam" launches Goochem; a smart chatbot

7 September 2017
"I Amsterdam" launches Goochem; a smart chatbot

The new chatbot Goochem works on Facebook Messenger and guides users who are interested in the wide ranges of cultural activities in the Amsterdam region.

This innovative tool is the first chatbot in the world that facilitates a very focused and data driven oriëntation in cultural activities of a city. Goochem speaks dutch and aims in the first stage at inhabitants of Amsterdam and Dutch visitors. The Englisch speaking version wil follow soon.

The new chatbot of Amsterdam Marketing is the result of  innovationproject Cultuurmarketing Metropoolregio Amsterdam. This project started december 2016 with an open call for innovation and a serie of pitches. The companies Raft (concept en design), Axendo (frontend application) and Mediaconnect (backend for content- en datamanagement, recommendations en AI) were selected and combined for their knowledge and expertise. The chatbot is unique by the way it personalizes content based on individual preferences, profile, behaviour and the use of  Artificial Intelligence whereby the chatbot gets selflearning capabilities and keeps improving recommendations.

The new online tool is available at You can also add Goochem in your Facebook Messenger.

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