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Use cases

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Whether it’s a lightning-fast static website or advanced mobile application: as a data-driven headless CMS, Prepr allows you to build all kinds of digital platforms. Share your content across the web, in whatever manner your audience desires.

Use cases

Static websites

Outstanding corporate websites and brand platforms

Every organization dreams of an easy-to-manage, up-to-date and well-performing website that enables marketers and developers to do their job. Our solutions allow you to build outstanding corporate websites and brand platforms that are 100% flexible and never fail to deliver.

We offer content frameworks to streamline your identity across webpages and provide an intuitive content editor to build the most outstanding platforms within no time.

Dynamic websites

Engaging online magazines, blogs, and rich media platforms

But there’s more. Prepr offers solutions that help captivate your audience and enables marketing teams and developers to build complex, dynamic websites that offer lots of content.

Our headless CMS offers advanced content creation and rich media editing tools to publish compelling content at scale. With Prepr, your visitors keep coming back for more.

Smart websites

Advanced platforms for forward-thinking companies

If building complex, dynamic websites isn’t advanced enough, we also allow you to build smart websites with Prepr.

We offer built-in features that help you capture customer data. Think A/B Testing, Lean Customer Profiles, and Real-Time Segmentation: all to understand your audience and improve your customer experience through optimization and personalization The more visitors you get, the smarter your website becomes.

Mobile applications

Captivate your audience on all touchpoints

As a data-driven headless CMS, Prepr allows you to build and publish content on all touchpoints, including mobile apps.

With Prepr, you share your content from one centralized location and streamline your customer experience on every device. And by personalizing your notifications or sharing recommendations, we help you boost your engagement rates significantly.

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