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Prepr for DXPs

A headless CMS to complete your DXP

The best DXPs find unity between selecting best-of-breed solutions and making development a bit easier. Prepr is a headless CMS that allows you to find that exact balance. A best-of-breed solution that fits seamlessly into every modular DXP.

Prepr for DXPs

DXPs and content management

A DXP is a platform that combines all the features you need to connect with an audience through digital touchpoints. In today’s world, you have to build valuable relationships with your audience to stay competitive. For this, companies create and publish content.

The benefit of using a DXP is that you integrate all required features and functionalities into one platform. From a rich content editor to a data feed for e-commerce and a customer data tool to send recommendations and optimize content.

By rolling all these solutions into one DXP, you can effortlessly and consistently deliver rich, personalized experiences, but you also have the opportunity to collect data. Data is extremely valuable because it tells you what your audience likes.

Do I decide on a modular or monolithic DXP?

At Prepr, we distinguish two main DXP categories: monolithic DXPs and modular DXPs. In a nutshell, a monolithic DXP rolls all desired functionalities  for content and data into one. It’s one vendor, one solution. With a modular DXP, select several best-of-breed solutions and you integrate all the tools yourself, you work with numerous vendors.

Pros and cons

Both types have their pros and cons. Monolithic DXPs are often costly, limit development freedom, and are less flexible. Modular DXPs can result in more freedom and flexibility, but you also have a lot of licenses. In some cases, even a modular DXP can be too complex, too costly and a step too big.

Choose a balanced solution

That’s why we advise to always find evenness between the two. How? By implementing a balanced DXP. A balanced DXP allows you to select best-of-breed tools but also limits the number of required vendors and integrations. Therefore, a data-driven headless CMS matches seamlessly with balanced DXPs. And this is where Prepr comes in…

Headless CMS

Meet Prepr, the data-driven headless CMS to accompany your DXP

When you implement Prepr as a part of your DXP, you get a fully functional headless CMS. It has all the features you need to create, edit and publish digital content. Prepr is a powerful headless CMS, meaning we’re built with a DXP vision in mind. We offer a complete set of developer tools to integrate Prepr into any modular DXP.

  • RESTful/Management API that allows you to save data.
  • Webhooks that enable you to automate processes based on events.
  • Integrations with all major frontend javascript frameworks through dedicated SDKs for Nuxt.js, Next, Vue, Laravel, Gatsby, React, and Angular.


Join React developers in the community

Prepr’s community includes hundreds of developers and builders sharing what they’re working on. When you start working with Prepr and connect your React app you can join our Slack community and connect with fellow developers. We're all here to learn from each other and help each other grow.

How to get started with Prepr?

Getting started Prepr is easy. Just follow three simple steps and get to know us better — a care-free way of finding out if our headless CMS meets your needs.

  • Sign up for our free plan
  • Explore Prepr by using our demo content or adding your own
  • Embed Prepr in your DXP

Start Building Today

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