Prepr for E-commerce

The best headless CMS for E-commerce

When you’re building a successful ecommerce platform, conversions are your top priority. To boost your conversion rate, you need to publish captivating content and streamline the entire shopping process. Prepr is a data-driven headless CMS, helping you do exactly that. We allow ecommerce brands to build an outstanding ecommerce platform while streamlining all their other content on the go.

Prepr for E-commerce

Headless CMS

Build an outstanding ecommerce platform

Our core is a headless CMS, meaning we disconnect your front-end from the backend. This allows you to manage all your content from one centralized system. Easily integrate your webshop with Prepr and create a solid ecommerce platform, including a captivating content narrative. 

With Pepr, you can easily add content from external sources, including products drawn from your ecommerce tool. All content is ultimately delivered to your front-end as data with the use of an API. This ensures your digital platform is lightning-fast and able to display your content on every device and every platform.

Data-driven experiences

Capture, store and utilize first-party data

Our solution is built with innovative graph technology, allowing you to easily capture, store, and utilize customer data to optimize and personalize all digital content experiences. Send smart notifications, give relevant content recommendations, or even display personalized banners and call-to-actions. 

By showing the right content to the right audience at the right time, you can improve the overall digital experience, resulting in more engagement and conversions. Hello, revenue!

Editing and publishing

Publish editorial content to sell the dream

Editorial content helps your customers visualize their new outfit, their new gadgets, or their new gardening tools. Prepr helps you create this compelling content. We offer all features you need to create, publish and optimize editorial content, including an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, rich media editing, versioning and even multi-brand-publishing. 

If you serve content to international audiences, we also offer localization features. With Prepr, you’re able to centralize content, manage it efficiently, and publish it across the web – worldwide, that is.

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