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Prepr for broadcasting

A data-driven headless CMS for broadcasting companies

At Prepr, we help media companies publish content and improve their engagement. We know that for broadcast media companies, engaging audiences with compelling content is a must, yet it can be very difficult to gain and maintain attention. That’s why we’ve developed our data-driven headless CMS. One solution to publish, manage, and optimize your digital content.

Prepr for broadcasting

Headless CMS

Easily distribute content to all touchpoints

As a broadcaster, you’re likely to serve your content on different platforms, including a complex website and mobile application. When distributing content to multiple frontends, our headless CMS makes your life a lot easier. 

A headless CMS disconnects the frontend from the backend of your website, allowing you to share content from one centralized location to all desired touchpoints. This reduces complexity and saves unnecessary editing and development costs.

Data-driven experience

Capture data to increase engagement

Aside from being headless, Prepr is built with innovative graph technology, allowing you to easily capture, store, and utilize customer data. This data helps you optimize and personalize all digital content experiences for your broadcasting platform. 

Send breaking news notifications, give relevant content recommendations, or even display personalized editorial content to segmented audiences. By sharing the right content with the right audience, you will increase engagement and improve KPIs such as time-on-site and CTRs.

Flexible & Fast

Publish editorial content in minutes

As a broadcaster, digital content is your livelihood. Prepr helps you create all kinds of compelling digital content. We offer all features you need to create, publish, and optimize editorial content, including an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, rich media editing, versioning, and even multi-brand-publishing. 

Due to our GraphQL API-setup and global CDN, Prepr allows you to develop extremely fast websites that deliver content at lightning speed. On any device and in every media format.

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