How to select a CMS as part of your Digital Experience Platform (DXP)?

Content-driven companies strive to deliver excellent online experiences to capture their audience. This is where digital experience platforms come in. But how do you develop a suitable DXP? And what are the benefits of including a stand-alone CMS in your platform?

This whitepaper takes on the differences between using a monolithic or ‘one-vendor-only’ DXP versus a modular solution. We also present a third option: a balanced DXP, with which you gain the freedom to select your preferred CMS and other valuable solutions. 

We zoom in on:

  • The advantages and disadvantages of three types of digital experience platforms: monolithic, modular, and balanced.
  • The benefits of adding a stand-alone headless CMS to your DXP.
  • The key considerations when selecting a headless CMS for your DXP.