Prepr Recommendation Engine

Deliver personalized recommendations across all touchpoints

Connect content, profiles, and data, and provide personalized recommendations.


Deliver real-time recommendations on all touchpoints

Relevant recommendations boost time spent with your content. Your audience will view more content per visit and be more satisfied, resulting in better retention rates.

Provide personalized recommendations for known and anonymous visitors based on the content they viewed, demographic and interaction data, and geographic and environmental data.

Content Store
Content Store

Aggregate content in one location

Connect content sources easily with the API, and automatically process data to extract relevant metadata like persons, places, and topics.

Use this connected and structured content to deliver valuable recommendations.

Data Store
Data Store

Aggregate profiles and data in one location

Connect audience data sources easily with build-in integrations and the API. Capture permission based data of anonymous and registered users.

Use this GDPR-compliant data to deliver valuable recommendations.

Recommendation Builder
Recommendation Algorithms

Tweak recommendations to perfection

Create algorithms based on fine-tuned rules to include, exclude, and favour content items. Perform A/B-tests to optimize click-through-rates and conversions.

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Content management
Content management

Simplify Content Management

Centralize content, streamline collaboration, and publish to multiple websites.

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Optimize engagement

Optimize engagement

Test headlines and images, measure results, and improve the impact of your content continuously.

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