Real-time Timeline

One timeline for all show related information

One screen with everything you need to prepare and deliver great radio shows. Items, interviews, news, music, weather, and traffic, right at your fingertips. Show prep on steroids!

One timeline for all show related information

One Timeline
Collaborate in real time to compile the master timeline of the show. Prepare engaging items and schedule website and social media updates with just a few clicks.
Real-time Collaboration
Prepr updates in real time. Last minute changes are reflected instantly on all screens.
News Casts
Read along with the bulletin and know what news quotes are broadcast.
Weather Updates
Live weather updates from you preferred weather forecasts provider.
Traffic Updates
Live traffic and public transport updates from you preferred traffic info provider.
Sync music automatically with your music scheduling system and get live artist news updates in the timeline.
Publish polls ("Hot or not?") instantly on-air, in your app, and on your website. Collect votes through every channel automatically.
Use contacts to invite guests for items. Always know when a guest was on-air before to avoid duplicate invitations.
No more duplications
Look up previous talks and items with just one click to make sure a bit is not used before.
Live Clipper

Publish audio and video clips instantly on all touchpoints

Publish the best moments easily to your website, app, smart speakers, live blog, social wall, social media and on visual radio.

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Audio and Video Clipper
Edit and publish live video and audio clips instantly with the build-in audio and video editor.
Publish live clips instantly
Engaging listeners on your website, in your app and on social media is an important part of radio. Edit live video clips of your show and instantly publish updates to all online channels.
Publish Online
Use the powerful Prepr content management system to manage all station related information. #OneTool

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