Contests Manager

Manage prizes, contests, and winners easily

Competitions are a great way to engage listeners. The Prepr Contest Manager is a powerful and secure solution to manage prizes, contests, and winners.

Manage prizes, contests, and winners easily

Record Winners
Record contestant details easily with automatic address recognition and pre-filled fields when information is already available.
Screen contestants
Instantly see who has won earlier and if the candidate sounds great on-air or is better avoided or even blacklisted.
Manage prizes
Store all prize information in one place. From giveaway texts for the DJ to stock levels, tax values, fulfillment deadlines and notification email for listeners.
Send winner confirmation email
Select the right prizes (T-shirt sizes, etc.) and send a prompt confirmation email to the winner. The winner checks if all information is recorded correctly. This ensures for even greater data accuracy.
Tax and GDPR compliant
Listeners care about their privacy and so do we. Prepr is GDPR-ready with dedicated features to comply with privacy laws.
Listener Profiles
Capture listener data to analyze engagement, discover unique insights, improve programming and activate listeners.
Monitor which prizes still need processing. Handle giveaways yourself in-house, or collaborate with a fulfillment partner. Download and share practical reports.

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