Why Prepr?
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Build valuable relations

Media and entertainment companies reach out to digital audiences that expect excellent experiences with just the right content anywhere, anytime. This requires a smart content and data platform.

Connected Data

Develop a smart content and data platform that drives engagement

Modern media and entertainment companies develop smart platforms to connect content and data, and engage audiences.

Content + Data

Connect content and data

Develop a content and data management platform to simplify content management, centralize audience profiles and capture essential behavior data.


Deliver great experiences

Use connected content and data to personalize user experiences, and create meaningful segments to activate your audience and increase engagement.

Boost Conversions

Boost conversions

Great engagement increases retention and drives more valuable visits, resulting in more conversions and higher advertising revenue.


Three essential tools in one

Prepr is a content and data platform for media and entertainment companies. A modern toolset to manage content, capture audience data, and activate people. Powerful apart — but even better when used together.

Content Management

Content Management

Prepr is a headless content management system created for editors and developers. One place to manage your content and publish anywhere.


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Audience Data Management

Audience Data Management

Prepr is a practical audience data management system. Capture and store permission based audience data easily and in compliance with GDPR.


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Engagement Marketing


Prepr is a smart activation system. Personalize experiences and connect popular marketing tools to power effective activation campaigns.


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Prepr for Editors

Content production on steroids

Editors love the unique drag-n-drop editor to create beautiful publications, and the practical workflow system that streamlines content production. Learn more

Prepr for Marketers

Real-time data-driven activation

Marketers love the wealth of real-time data, the powerful segment builder, and out-of-the-box integrations with popular marketing tools. Learn more

Prepr for Developers

#HeadlessCMS #API #Webhooks #Wow

Developers love the development-first approach with flexible content models, easy-to-use API, webhooks, and 24/7 support. Learn more

Ready for the future of engagement #Now

Get ready for the future with efficient workflows, connected data, and a flexible platform that boosts conversions and accelerates innovation.

Efficient Workflows
Efficient Workflows

Efficient collaboration in one seamless system

Save time and resources with smart content tools and efficient workflows. One system for editors, marketers and developers to collaborate effortlessly.

Connected Data
Connected data

Intelligent data out-of-the-box

Prepr connects content, audience profiles, and behavior data automatically. Ready to use instantly, without time-consuming and expensive development projects.

More Engagement
More Engagement

More engagement, more conversions, more value

Connect with your audience through personalized touchpoints and smart marketing campaigns, increase engagement and boost conversions.

Fast Innovation
Fast Innovation

Innovation at the speed of light #TheFutureIsNow

Reduce time and resources needed to develop a smart content and data platform, exceed expectations, and reach your goals faster.

Neo4J Graph Database
Graph Inside

Neo4J Graph Database inside

Prepr is build with the revolutionary Neo4J Graph Database. The #1 database for processing data at scale. Delivering unprecedented flexibility, speed, and scalability, simply not possible with traditional databases.

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