Increase engagement

From 1-to-many to 1-on-1

Prepr is a smart activation system. Personalize experiences and connect popular marketing tools to power effective activation campaigns.

Personalization Engine

Create engaging user experiences with real-time personalization

Use permission based audience data to provide a personalized experience that exceeds the expectation of your audience.

Recommendation Engine

Provide spot-on recommendations and increase engagement

Deliver personalized recommendations in real-time, based on audience characteristics and behavior, and increase the time spent with your content.

Marketing Automation Sync

Automate your engagement marketing campaigns

Sync segments to your marketing automation tools to fuel marketing campaigns, deliver notifications, increase engagement and drive conversions.

Facebook Ads Sync

Leverage the power of targetted Facebook Ads

Sync audience segments with Facebook Ads to power smart advertising campaigns. Reach exactly the right people and boost conversions.

Engagement Metrics

Discover valuable insights and optimize data-driven marketing campaigns

Monitor engagement data across all your channels in real-time with detailed reports. Learn what resonates best with your audience, improve continuously and increase engagement.

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