Developer Friendly

Develop powerful applications with connected data at scale

Developers love Prepr for its performance, flexibility, and API-first approach. Unlike traditional systems, our tools where designed to be a developer platform.

Graph Database

Powered by the revolutionary Graph database

Graph databases are changing the web. With unprecedented flexibility, speed, and performance, simply not possible with traditional databases. #AskTim

Processing data at scale
Graph databases are the goto solution when handling huge amounts of data. A perfect fit for content and data platforms that need scale and flexibility.
Blazingly fast
API calls are processed in real-time without caching and an average response time of 127ms.
Neo4J at it's core
Neo4J is the #1 Graph database solution. Used by Fortune 500 companies to process data at scale... And us ;-)
Content and Data Platform

Three essential tools #connected in one seamless solution

Prepr is a content and data platform for media and entertainment companies. A modern toolset to manage content, capture audience data and activate people. Powerful apart — but even better when used together.

Headless CMS

Develop flexible content management solutions for every platform

Prepr is a powerful headless CMS. Fully API-based with customizable webhooks for all major events. Multi-language out-of-the-box and with flexible content models.

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Custom Content Models
Custom content models let you structure content exactly the way you want. You can even include our unique drag-n-drop editor.
Create seperate environments to organize content and data and control who has access. Use environments to separate brands, projects, events, etc.
Organize content and data in every way possible with tags. Combine related tags in tag groups to present editors with just the right options.
Audience Data Store

One secure place for all audience data

Use oAuth to register and authenticate users with email or social accounts. Use detailed audience behavior data to personalize user experiences and provide recommendations on the fly.

Register permission based profiles
Register users with email or social profiles, and manage terms and consents in accordance with GDPR.
Authenticate on all touchpoints
Authenticate users on every touchpoint with oAuth 2.0 and create a unified login experience accross your whole digital ecosystem.
Personalize experiences
Use connected content and audience data to personalize the user experience and deliver personal recommendations in real-time.

Connect existing systems easily with out-of-the-box integrations

Speed up development with ready-to-use integrations with popular marketing services, social media platforms, and many more tools.

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Development Tools

All the tools you need to deliver robust solutions on time

Get up to speed quickly with practical resources and tools. And when you need a hand, just contact support and get back on track quickly.

All data is available throught the RESTful API. Integrate existing systems easily with the detailed API documentation and resources. { 'JSON' : 'All the way!' }
The API provides webhooks for every event you can think of. Configure as many webhooks as needed and integrate Prepr seamlessly in your technology platform.
Coming soon. SDKs for popular languages. In the mean time our dev team will get you up and running in no time, with tried and tested classes.
Content Delivery (CDN)
Out-of-the-box, Prepr delivers content via Amazon Web Services. But you can use your own CDN as well.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Provide a seamless login experience for users with the ready-to-use Active Directory integration.
24/7 Support
Prepr powers critical processes for major media and entertainment companies. When needed, you can reach us 24/7.

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