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Publish digital content effortlessly across all your websites and brands

Prepr offers all features you can expect of a headless CMS. From rich content editing to versioning. Including various data-driven tools that allow you to improve customer engagement. With Prepr, you’re now able to centralize content, manage it efficiently, and publish it across the web. At scale and at enterprise level.

A data-driven headless CMS

Our outstanding data-driven features

Easy AB-testing


Create and test different versions of your content. Find out what version performs best and optimize its impact.

Smart recommendations

Smart Recommendations

Show related content items based on user characteristics and online behaviour to increase engagement and conversions.

Advanced multi-site support

Advanced Multi-Site Control

Efficiently manage content on numerous websites. With Shared Models, Shared Content, and Shared Customer Data for consistent data and uniform code.

Everything you need from an advanced headless CMS

Dynamic Content Editor

Experience a next-level authoring experience with our in-built Dynamic Content Editor. Embed videos, social media posts, maps, assets, and more to create rich content items.


Easily adapt your content to any language. Assign local versions to different users with a dedicated workflow and scheduling for their specific location.

SEO Validation

Improve your search engine rankings with the built-in SEO-checks and instantly spot and fix SEO issues.

Precision Scheduling

Decide when content will be published, prepare everything well in advance, and make sure your platforms are always up-to-date.

Smart Previews

Preview your content in Prepr or in a staging environment to assure yourself of a perfect result.

Asset Management

Manage all your images, videos, and audio files in one location. Rely on fast delivery with a dedicated asset-CDN, real-time transformations, ftp import, and optional video transcoding.

Workflows & collaboration

Assign content items to team members, work together smoothly, and manage content easily with agile workflows, Kanban boards, commenting, and notifications.


Keep track of all content item changes, revert to a previous version when needed, and never lose your work thanks to revision history.

External Content Integration

Feature items from an external source with the built-in integration fields. Prepr automatically keeps your data in sync.

Flexible Content Modeling

Use our flexible content model builder to structure your content. Whether it's landing pages or voice assistant commands: the possibilities are endless.

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