Content Management
Simplify content management

Create once, use anywhere

Prepr is a headless content management system created for editors and developers. One place to manage your content and publish anywhere.


Monitor all news and social media feeds in one place

Always be the first to know what's happening. Monitor news stories, photo and video feeds, and social media posts effortlessly. Import items with just one click or save media for later use.

Drag-n-drop Editor

Create engaging articles that impress your audience

Create stunning articles with our unique drag-n-drop editor. Add images, videos, social media posts, and lots of other elements to create beautiful rich publications.

Story Centric

Create engaging stories that your audience wants to come back to

Combine multiple publications in one story, collaborate on developing topics efficiently and track metrics across multiple publications and channels.


Easily create and manage content in any language

Use a separate workflow for every language and stay in control of your multi-language content creation.

Asset Management

One place to manage all your images, videos, and audio files

Always the perfect photo or video for your article without endless searching for files, that are scattered across laptops, USB-sticks, and cloud-drives.

Audio and Video Clipper
Spice up your content with engaging audio and video. Create audio and video clips from a live stream, add intro, outro, and overlay, and publish instantly.
Smart Tags
Organize your content in every way you can think of. Find and retrieve content fast, drive automatic publication, and power personalization.
Custom content models

Create custom content models to suit every situation

Structure content models exactly as needed with our unique content modeller. You can even include the unique drag-n-drop editor to create beautiful rich articles.

Multi Channel Publishing

Create once, use anywhere

Simplify content workflows with one central location for all your content. Publish to websites, apps, and social media easily, without the need to switch between systems.

Content Metrics

Monitor content performance in real-time and discover what resonates best

View real-time metrics of your publications accross all your channels. Discover unique insights and fuel data-driven decisions to improve content creation.

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