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Best headless CMS

Meet Prepr, the full-cycle headless CMS

Searching for the best headless CMS can be difficult. There are some great content management tools out there for simple websites, but when you need advanced features like personalization or multi-website content management you should consider a full-cycle headless cms like Prepr.

Our product

We are a full-cycle CMS. And this is why you benefit from that.

The difference between a full-cycle CMS and a traditional content management system is that the latter only supports you with the first stage of content management: publishing. A full-cycle CMS allows you to publish content, engage your audience and analyze results.

All tools are seamlessly integrated into one platform. In contrast to traditional and other headless CMSs, working full-cycle allows you to reduce development and operational costs. Simply because all instruments are found within one toolbox.

Prepr is the world’s first full-cycle CMS. Our solution offers a headless CMS plus five actionable tools to help you to increase time spent with content and boost retention. Visit our product page to learn more about all features. Or book a quick discovery call. We’re happy to tell you all there is to know.

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Maximize impact
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A full-cycle CMS as the driving force behind impactful content

Prepr is a full-cycle content management system. We offer you all tools for creating an impact with your content. Our core is a headless CMS that lets you publish content on all desired platforms. On top of that, Prepr contains five actionable tools that allow you to combine the power of content and data.

Prepr Publish logo

Our core, and your solid basis for managing and publishing content through multiple touchpoints.

Prepr Optimize logo

Optimize your content to improve your ranking and visibility.

Prepr Capture logo

Capture event data and user interactions to fuel personalization.

Prepr Notify logo

Notify your audience about new content to stay top of mind.

Prepr Recommend logo

Configure and deliver personalized recommendations without coding.

Prepr Analyze logo

Analyze data-driven results to learn about the impact of your content.

Our vision

Set full-cycle content management in motion

To make our vision on content management more tangible, we’ve come up with the term ‘full-cycle content management’. It’s our method for making the most out of your content. Why? Because content management doesn’t end after publishing. In fact, the process is only just beginning.

Let’s zoom in on that. What exactly is full-cycle content management? It’s the process where you maximize the impact of your content by continuously following the same process, over and over again:

  1. Publish your content on all desired channels and platforms
  2. Engage your audience with personalized recommendations and smart notifications.
  3. Analyze your results to learn about the hits and misses.

By combining the power of both content and data, you will surely increase the impact you have on your audience. They will spend more time with your content and return more often, leading to more conversions and a higher revenue on your end.

Full-cycle content management

What to look for in a headless CMS?

Learn what to look for when choosing new content management software.

Custom content models

Content comes in a million forms. Articles, videos, pages, events, performances, a. Don't get stuck with fixed content structures and make sure to choose a headless cms that offers flexible content models.

Multi-website publishing

When publishing content for multiple brands and websites, you want to keep your content and data consistent across the whole platform. Make sure to choose a cms that enables you to manage content models, metadata, interaction data and profiles for all brands in one place.

Multi-language publishing

Managing and translating content for different languages can be hard. When you publish multi-language content, look closely at how easy and flexible it is.

Interaction data

Traditional cms systems only manage content, but don't show you how your audience engaged with your content. This is valuable data for your team that provides crucial insights to improve the user experience, drive data-driven marketing campaigns and deliver targeted recommendations. Modern content management systems store interaction data right with the content to make sure you can provide an optimal user experience.


Personalized recommendations are a great way to increase the time people spend with your content. Modern headless CMS tools store behaviour data of your visitors and use this data to provide real-time AI-powered recommendations.

Engagement metrics

Look beyond basic metrics like page views and popularity to understand how your audience interacts with your content. Learn what they like and what can be improved. Check if your headless cms can provide the level of detail you need to make informed decisions. This concludes our list of things to look at while comparing headless cms tools. Good luck with your journey.

How to choose the best headless cms?

Learn how to choose a headless CMS.

Make sure you need a headless CMS

A headless content management system benefits enterprises that want to publish on multiple channels and deliver highly personalized user experiences. But if your brand only operates a single website populated with static content that doesn't change often, you have little need to switch to a headless CMS. But if you're a modern brand with ambitions to conquer multiple channels with personalized content, continue with your headless cms comparison.

Define your goals

Are you looking to increase efficiency in content production, or do you want to generate more leads? Make sure everybody's expectations are aligned and set KPIs that will indicate whether you achieve your objectives. Consider your budget, taking into account implementation as well as ongoing costs. How much time are you willing to spend comparing potential solutions and on the implementation process? Think about how you can split the implementation of the CMS into multiple phases? Can you start with a pilot project for a single brand and then spread the CMS to minimize risk?

Convince management to switch to a headless CMS

When explaining the benefits of a headless CMS to management and other business stakeholders, it's essential to highlight the technical advantages of the solution model, as well as their future-proof and extensible nature. While traditional implementation models require the CMS and UI to be developed in together, headless solutions allow the CMS to evolve at a different rate than the UI. Headless solutions are also offer the flexibility to evolve alongside the ever-changing expectations of modern consumers. Using a headless CMS solution, additional channels and emerging touchpoints - such as wearables, apps, and voice assistants – can be included into the solution over time, with all content managed centrally in one place. Delivering a highly future-proof architecture, headless solutions provide agility, simplify cross-channel engagement, and position organizations to more quickly adapt to the newest customer experience trends.

Consider requirements from all stakeholders

Your content team, development team, and marketing team all have their needs for the content management system. And of course, the business has some demands of its own. Make sure you are connected with all stakeholders and include criteria for every team within your company to ensure a balanced headless cms comparison.

Ask for a demo

A 1-on-1 live demo with the vendor will not only help you get answers to your product questions, it's also a unique opportunity to learn more about who you'd be working with. Are they responsive? Do they have someone in your area or at least in your time zone? Don't let the vendor rely on PowerPoint presentations in their demo. Give them your most important use cases and let them show you what it's like to complete typical tasks in their CMS. Record the demo so that you are well prepared for the next step.

Try before you buy

Now you may want to cut the headless cms comparison list down to your top three options and go for the test drive. Most cloud-based headless CMS vendors offer free trials that can help your developers and marketers get to grips with the model and user interface—and we highly recommend taking advantage of those offers before investing too heavily. If you plan a complex architecture, do a proof of concept or ask the vendor to create a proof of concept for you. You can use the critical use cases mentioned in the previous step. This concludes our list of most important steps for your headless cms comparison.

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